Champion Bolt is a global supplier of fasteners, related hardware, and many value added services to the Aerospace, Power Generation, Utilities, Wind, Oil, Pipeline, Industrial Hardware and Industrial Furniture sectors.

As a family owned business established in 1986, we take pride in our custom-tailored service approach and problem-solving capabilities.


Champion Bolt can provide virtually any fastener-related product you need. We can modify items in-house to meet your specifications.

Balancing / Kitting

In addition to balancing hardware to your exact specifications, Champion Bolt can also provide complete component kitting.

In-House Fulfillment

With our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program we’ll monitor inventory at our facility, maintain adequate safety stock, and release to meet your delivery requirements.

Customized Packaging

Our custom boxes and customer specific labels including all pertinent information will help streamline things on your end.

Inventory Management

Champion Bolt offers reliable inventory management systems including Just in Time (JIT) and Kanban which are designed to minimize on-hand material and lower your associated carrying costs.

Inspection / Quality Control

Every part coming into Champion Bolt is inspected to your drawing or consensus standard per specified inspection levels. Our rigorous quality management system is based on the ISO standard.

Our Technology

Champion Bolt utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best customer experience possible. Our software and systems include Prophet 21 Distribution Software for inventory and warehouse management, Vertical Lift System to improve speed and warehouse accuracy, HWACHEON CUTEX-160 Horizontal Turning Center enabling a wide range of applications from small component machining to large-size processing, and bar-coding and wireless integration to ensure accuracy in our warehouse.

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Our Commitment

“ At Champion Bolt, we find solutions to the problems facing our customers. We understand the smallest error can delay shipment or shut down productions, jeopardizing our customers on-time and performance. We pride ourselves on the inspection and audit processes which prevent future errors, and we are always looking for ways to streamline, economize, accelerate and improve our processes. We partner with our customers, meet with them to find out their expectations for service and implement unique and custom service packages to meet those requirements. Let Champion PARTNER with your company, so you can come through for your customers” – Dave and Joe Ott