About Us

Champion Bolt, based in Erie Pennsylvania, is global supplier of fasteners, related hardware, and many value added services to the Aerospace, Power Generation, Utilities, Wind, Oil, Pipeline, Industrial Hardware and Industrial Furniture sectors.

Whether you are looking for a hex head bolt or any variety of military fastener, aerospace fastener or fasteners for high speed couplings and transmissions, we will be able to provide you with what you need.

As a family-owned business established in 1986, we take pride in our custom-tailored service approach and problem-solving capabilities. Our customers count on us to bring as much scrutiny to our own process as we do to the integrity of our products. This promotes efficiency well down the supply chain and ensures consistently competitive pricing.

If you are seeking more in-depth answers to your C-class commodity issues, look around our website for other solutions we can bring to your enterprise. Or better yet, contact us today and speak to a member of our experienced sales team. We’re ready to help with all of your fasteners and hardware needs, from metric fasteners to variations of the military fastener and anything your project might require.

The Champion View

Nuts and bolts are the least expensive parts in almost any assembly. Yet if the right parts are not available when needed, they can bring down a multi-million dollar enterprise.

At Champion, that irony isn’t lost on us. We realize that things as simple as running out of a part can shut down your line; or a typo on a package label can temporarily halt your process. Such things will all have a negative impact on your business.

That’s why we pride ourselves on our quality inspection, and why it isn’t enough to just be ISO certified – we truly live the process internally.

It’s why we invest in the latest technology, and pass the efficiency savings that it provides on to our customers.

It’s why we continually strive to find more efficient ways of doing business, and make every effort to enhance our reputation for building customer relationships based on trust.

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